Fresh Start has halted the work to submit an application on the 2400 Block site due to grant delays and economic evaluations regarding financing.

Fresh Start Recovery (Fresh Start) continues to look for sites for a recovery community initiative (Gratitude Manor) within communities including Mount Pleasant. Fresh Start wishes to continue building a relationship with residents of Mount Pleasant where all engagement is heard and considered as a positive experience. Our communities NEED transitional housing supports like the one proposed at the 2400 Block site. Transitional housing is a component of a healthy and inclusive community. We encourage you to consider your own families, friends co-workers, and neighbors when contemplating what community means. Sometimes all an individual needs is a Fresh Start.

We will continue to explore options for the development of a recovery community initiative. Providing an environment that will be home to men and women (and families) who have committed to their recovery program and desire to be part of a larger community.

We recognize that the previous engagement and communications for the 2400 Block were not adequate for stakeholders and have heard and weighed their engagement. We withdrew the previous Development Permit (DP) application in consideration of community feedback due to inadequate engagement. When the application was withdrawn, we received many letters from stakeholders expressing disappointment that Fresh Start had pulled out and that they would have welcomed Fresh Start into the community. This confirms the need for such a project.

As a result, any initiative that we choose to move forward with will be accompanied by a comprehensive engagement strategy led by an engagement specialist. Fresh Start will conduct engagement for any future application for development with transparency, certainty, and integrity being at the forefront.

Who is Fresh Start?

MISSION: “Fresh Start is recovering lives by Housing,
Treating and Supporting people affected by addiction”

Fresh Start’s treatment program follows the disease concept: We see addiction as an illness that is progressive and often fatal if left untreated. The good news is that with treatment and a program of recovery, people can and DO live healthy, happy and productive lives. That has been our focus for the last 29 years as we provide solutions which support people moving forward in long-term recovery. With treatment locations in both Calgary (men only) and Lethbridge (men and women) we are seen as a treatment leader not only in Calgary and area, but are recognized across Canada for the interdisciplinary approach we take to treating addiction.

Our entire focus is on a recovery solution that is real, attainable and sustainable. Along with the two treatment centers, we currently have 46 Recovery Community initiative beds in two apartments in Calgary Recovery Community initiative clients are provided weekly check-ins with an outreach counsellor, peer support and are part of a strong alumni network. In all of our work, we remain constant to our core values: equality, empathy, trust, accountability, support, change, respect and individuality.

Public Engagement

Should Fresh Start select a site for Gratitude Manor and choose to move forward, the engagement strategy will include the following:

Communication with the Community Association

Fresh Start, through its engagement consultants, would contact the community association and offer to make a presentation to them. This presentation would involve a description of the proposed project, the proposed engagement strategy, and an invitation to participate on the Good Neighbour Agreement Committee. Fresh Start would continue to communicate with the community association throughout the process.

Open House

Fresh Start would host a virtual open house prior to DP submission.

Good Neighbour Agreement Committee

Fresh Start would form a stakeholder committee to draft a Good Neighbour Agreement. This would be an agreement between Fresh Start and the community that would inform the relationship and expected commitments. A Good Neighbour Agreement defines roles and responsibilities, establishes expectations and can address questions such as:

  • Who should participate?
  • What can the community
    expect in terms of operating
  • What are the expectations
    for communication
    (when and in what form)?
  • How will complaints be resolved?

Good Neighbour Agreements are typically drafted between a community and non-profit when new housing is proposed. Fresh Start was the first organization in Calgary to sign a Good Neighbour Agreement with the Highland Park Community Association and Thorncliffe – Greenview Community Association Participants will be expected to attend up to three meetings in the new year.

Committee participants would likely include:

  • Neighbour residents (up to two representatives)
  • Neighbour businesses (up to two representatives)
  • Community association (up to two representatives)
  • Other community residents/businesses (up to two representatives)

Additional opportunities would also be made available for those who live in the immediate vicinity of the site.

Development Permit (DP) Application

A DP application would be submitted after a virtual open house is held. You can follow the status of all active DP applications HERE.

According to The City of Calgary’s Planning & Development process, the following items are considered at the DP stage and can be commented on by the public:

  • Site access (vehicle and pedestrian)
  • Building height
  • Privacy and safety considerations
  • Shadowing
  • Phasing plans
  • Accessibility
  • Garbage and recycling facility locations
  • Parking or loading zones
  • Building massing and articulation
  • Building design and finishing materials
  • Landscaping plans
  • Site layout
  • Signage
  • Relaxations or variances

According to The City of Calgary’s Planning & Development process, the following items are considered out-of-scope and are not open for discussion during the DP application process:

  • The characteristics of people who may use the proposed development (e.g., renter vs. owner). Comments must address the land uses, not the land users.
  • Disputes between private property owners (such as property damage, removal of private trees and shared amenities). These are more typically dealt with through 311.
  • The economic benefits or losses (e.g., increasing tax revenue to The City and property values).
  • Precedence. Each application must be considered on its own merits.
  • Business competition.